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Zoomstra Inc. Refund and
Cancellation Policy for

This document may also refer to the the Zoomstra Inc. Privacy Policy and or Terms of Use 

Last Updated April 19, 2012
Free trial period

Zoomstra Inc. offers a free trial period as described on the website for the application.  You will have the option to convert your account to a paid subscription at any time during your free trial.    You may cancel your account at any time during the free trial period.  Account cancellation can be found on the lower right side of the page in the Administration link (within the application itself). Once you cancel your account all infomation will be immediately purged and you will no longer have access to your website subscription, workbooks, users, files or content.

Account Cancellation

Once you have established a paid subscription, to terminate ongoing payment processing, it is your responsibility to properly cancel your account through the administrative interface for your <name> site. For your protection we do not accept phone calls or emails to cancel accounts. You must log into your account and visit the “administration” link. There you will find the “cancel my subscription” link. Please be advised that once you cancel your subscription your <name> web site and all related information and stored files will immediately be purged.   You will not be charged again for the Zoomstra subscription that was cancelled.  There are no partial refunds for account cancellations.

By creating an account on and accepting the terms of use, you agree to the above refund policy.