Thanks beta2, we’ll never forget you…

We have officially exited our beta period for the latest version of Zoomstra and learned a lot of great lessons that we won’t soon forget.  Here are a few of our learnings and improvements you’ll find inside of Zoomstra…

Speed & scale improvements

Our top learning during the beta was all about speed and ability to scale the distribution of workbooks to large audiences.  During the beta the Zoomstra application launched thousands of workbooks, sometimes creating long queues behind the scenes resulting in slow response to users.  We returned to the drawing board and re-worked the fundamental architecture and processes used to create and distribute workbooks.  We are now confident that we can scale to tens of thousands of workbooks and keep response times within acceptable limits for a web application (i.e. – immediate!)

Improving interactivity in the Zoomstra Cloud Reader+ with user created notes

Zoomstra workbooks are finding their way into several different niches like ebook companions and how-to guides.  As we worked with several authors the need for additional interactivity within the workbook itself was needed.  We have added a new feature that allows participants to add notes to individual checklist items so that they can not only track their progress, but they can keep track of their thoughts and ideas at the same time.











Customization of icons in the Workbook table of contents improves adoption

If you are a channel manager you’ll like this one.  We learned that creating visually appealing workbook invitations that are delivered via email is key to adoption when it comes to partner enablement.  You can now use your own icons to represent each lesson in a workbook.  Here is an example…











 integration is coming

One last piece of information we want to share is that we heard you loud and clear that integration with is a requirement for partner enablement programs.  We are actively building the integration and plan to have a preview of this connector application before the end of October.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our beta and providing feedback.  If you have a Zoomstra account from the beta we’ll be contacting you shortly with an offer that will let you continue to use the application as one of our early adopters.

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  1. David says:

    Here is a link to a site with over 100k free icons.