Remind me! One click access and more…

As we turn towards the end of October we have a few interesting updates to let you know about.  Based upon customer feedback we are introducing weekly email reminders for workbook participants, simplified one click access capability and we are making really good progress on the application.  Let’s take a look at these in a bit more detail….

Automated Weekly Reminders are here! 

Today we rolled out an automated reminder system for Zoomstra workbooks.  By default the system will now generate a weekly reminder email for each distributed workbook.  The reminder email will include the table of contents for the workbook as well as current progress information.

Zoomstra will automatically send out a weekly reminder as long as the participant is accessing the workbook and making progress.   If no activity is detected after 4 reminders have been sent, the system will automatically stop itself.

Reminder emails are an easy way to keep your information in-front of your audience and keep them engaged in your workbooks.

Although we set the default to weekly, Participant users can adjust their reminder settings from within the Zoomstra Cloud Reader+ by clicking on the profile link.  The default of “weekly” can be changed to monthly or reminders can be turned off completely.

Check out the One click access via email

You know how you hate having to remember a user id and password every time you want to access some information.  We feel the same way so we have stripped away the burden of setting a user id and password for a participant user.  The participant can simply click on any link in the invitation email (or reminder emails) and they will be taken directly to their workbook in the Zoomstra Cloud Reader+. Under the covers we have embedded special login tokens that allow for the tracking of the user and access to personalized workbooks.

For those of you with sensitive data or company policies that don’t allow token based access, don’t fret. As a site administrator you can decide to turn off this feature and require a user id and password.

What’s going on with Salesforce Integration? 

In our last blog post we teased you about a integration that was about to get underway.  I’m happy to report that the Zoomstra APIs have been completed and the application is nearly finished. We are getting really close to submitting the application for security clearance from Salesforce.  So with any luck we will be able to post a demonstration of the app in the next week or two!

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