Beta Update – Easy distribution added

Today we have a few changes to announce based upon our beta tester feedback.

Workbook is auto-distributed to author upon “publishing”.

We heard that you didn’t want to take the extra steps needed to assign yourself the workbook that you just built. We added an automated feature that will place a copy of the newly minted workbook in your “Reader” tab the first time that the workbook is “Published”.  So go ahead and create a workbook then click the publish button.  You should see it appear in your Reader the same way that your users will see it.

Distribute action added to workbook listing. 

To streamline your workflow we have added the “distribute” action to each of the workbooks in your library.  You’ll notice the new menu item on the bottom of the Workbook action panel.  Click on this to reveal the drop down menu.  From the menu you can select to distribute the workbook to one user or multiple users.  Make sure that your workbook is “Active” before you try to distribute it.  (only Active workbooks can be distributed)

Editable HTML Block added to the left side bar

We have had several requests to allow you to add links or other information to the sidebar of your Zoomstra Cloud Reader.   This is now available to the administrator.  As a site wide setting, you can go into the “Administration” link at the top of the page and then edit the section “Color and Branding”.  You will see the option to activate the HTML block as well as the corresponding input field.

Keep on using Zoomstra and keep on sending us feedback.  We love to hear how you are using Zoomstra.

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