Add quizzes to your Zoomstra workbooks

We have a great new feature ready for you to add to your Zoomstra Workbooks.  As a matter of fact, several of our customers are anxiously awaiting this new capability.  So here it is, you now have the ability to “quiz” a participant as part of the flow of a zWorkbook.

Quizzes work just like any other lesson. When you add a quiz to a workbook, it appears as a lesson box on the table of contents.  You can drag and drop the quiz so that it appears to the user at the right point in time during the workbook.

Quizzes are a great way to check that the participant is actually reviewing information and improving their knowledge.

Once you insert a quiz into your lesson flow, you can configure the quiz itself.  The quiz can have 1 or more multiple choice questions that will be presented to the participant.    For each question you enter the possible answers and select the correct entry.  You can also determine the passing grade for a quiz and set the frequency at which the quiz can be retaken (immediately or after X days).

When used in conjunction with the sequential completion feature of a workbook, quizzes can be used as a gatekeeper prior to giving a completion certificate, a reward or additional information.

Here is how a quiz looks as part of a zWorkbook

The quiz module is available to all of our subscription plans immediately.  Simply log into your account and visit the workbook builder to give it try!

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