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Profit from your expertise with Clickbank and Zoomstra Workbooks

Earning money from the internet is not as far fetched as you may think.  Every day people just like you are profiting from their hobbies, passions and areas of expertise by authoring and selling how-to guides.

Up to now these digital retail products have typically been provided as PDF documents or “lecture type” training videos.  With Zoomstra you can leap into the future and create an interactive how-to guide that will help to walk the user through your program step-by-step.  It’s an ingenious way to create a recurring revenue subscription that you can offer through affiliate network sites such as Clickbank. has an established network of over 100,000 affiliates looking for new and exciting digital products to sell to their audiences.

To make it happen you start by creating an account on and create your first how-to guide.  Then you create your account and start selling.  Take a look at our SlideShare presentation for more details and an example…

What is Zoomstra?

In just a few days we will be rolling out a shiny new website for  Since our beta launch we have spent lots of hours talking to our early adopters, prospects and people like you who have businesses to run.  The result is a fabulous website that will help the visitor envision using Zoomstra to solve several different types of challenges.   One of the items we created is an info-graphic style overview of the Zoomstra solution.  In this graphic you can visual What Zoomstra Is and maybe even see ways you can apply it to your own business challenges.  Here is a sneak peek at the graphic….

Sneak peek at the new website

It’s just a few days away from being launched.  The new Zoomstra website should shake things up a bit around here.  It’s fun, it’s informative and it’s going to help you think about all those ways you can use Zoomstra Workbooks to improve your business.