VIDEO: Integration between Unbounce and Zoomstra in action

Last week we posted a blog article about using Zoomstra  as a content marketing tool with Unbounce Landing Pages.  We have had several questions about how this works and what Zoomstra Workbooks look like.

This quick video (1:48) will show you how is using an Unbounce Landing page as the target for their online marketing campaign.  Once the visitor arrives and adds their email address to the form, behind the scenes Unbounce sends Zoomstra the information needed to setup the user and send out an invitation to the Step-by-Step Workbook.

Zoomstra gives you the ability to take your expert knowledge and step-by-step instructions and mash them together into an easy to follow along guide we call zWorkbooks.  With zWorkbooks you can create highly effective partner training guides, sales playbooks, new customer welcome kits and of course – step-by-step  ”how to” guides for use in marketing programs.

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